The Queen's personal car, complete with a customised handbag holder and lambskin rugs for the corgis, has gone on sale. The Twenty was slightly more powerful than the Silver Ghost because of the engine design. This is because only the queen uses it, and you are not likely to get it at your local dealership. The car was produced between 1954 and 1972 by Vauxhall. There were only 2,940 units of the Rolls-Royce Twenty ever produced. The 'Shooting Brake' body style found on the V8 was later adopted by different companies that produced the station wagon. The Queen, as is customary, gave hers to the royal museum. The Mulsanne isn’t the only Bentley in the Queen’s garage. ONE of the Queen’s old cars is going up for auction and it comes with custom seats designed for her precious corgis. Here are 25 rare classics owned by Queen Elizabeth 11. It was able to achieve a top speed of 79 mph and could go from 0 to 60 in 23.3 seconds. The firm produced a one-off state limousine and gave it to her majesty as a gift for her Golden Jubilee in 2012. The Defender might not be the most expensive car in Queen Elizabeth's II car fleet, but it sure does hold some sentimental value. JLR’s SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) had a tough job creating a whole new supporting structure for the rear end, but it did a great job. Her love for cars can be traced back to World War II. Inside Land Rover's Defender factory: they don't make 'em where they... We take a peek behind the curtains at the Defender production line at Land Rover's Slovakian facility in Nitra. This is one of those vehicles that keep you humble. The queen wanted a modern landaulet, and what Land Rover did, basically, was to transform a Range Rover into one. It's her preferred vehicle when she's attending weddings or funerals, and the car still looks good despite being 26 years old. The car is currently on display at the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon Warwickshire. The Citroen SM Opera was named the 'Motor Trend Car of the Year' in 1972 in the US and came third in the European Car of the Year contest. Generosity too. There were two models available for the 1965 Mercedes Benz 600. It started in 1944, when she joined the war effort as an 18-year-old princess. She was a member of the Women's Auxiliary Service and doubled up as a mechanic. The Queen's Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse The income from your ticket contributes directly to The Royal Collection Trust, a registered charity. The car is a collectible, as there were only 516 units ever made, and most of them were bought by royal families and governments from around the world. Painted in shades of the most royal blues and never without her jeweled crown, the Queen is the definition of decorum and regality, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy a bit of first-rate competition! Journalists and the public were doubtful of the performance metrics of the vehicle because they hadn't seen anything like it before in the French market. It was for sale again on eBay in December 2006, but with a highest bid of £ 36,100.- (after more than 90 bids) it failed to fetch the reserve price of the auction. There were a total of 351 units to ever be produced. Anyway, back to the script. SHE’S 91 years old, has a birthday that’s not a birthday and, like The Empire Strikes Back, is one of those rare instances where the sequel is better than the original. The C4 was meant to replace the Type A and family cars. Pride of place goes to the very first royal car, a Daimler Phaeton from 1900, and there are numerous other Rolls-Royce and Bentley vehicles that have been gifted to her. The car was retired from the Queen's official fleet in 2002. The queen has popularised the Daimler brand, and it would be in order to state that it's the unofficial royal vehicle. What makes the Bentley State Limousine special is the fact that only 2 were produced, and they all belong the royal family. This Jaguar Daimler V8 Super LWB was delivered to Buckingham Palace in 2001 and was used as the Queen’s personal transport for the next three years. Saved by Pat. In 2017, Car Keys estimated her entire car collection to be worth an eye-watering £10million. The Dimler DE was the largest and most expensive car between 1940 and 1950. 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And Failed Miserably, 10 Hilarious Chevies That Should Have Never Been Modified, Here Are The Craziest Custom Electric Cars We've Seen So Far, These Cheap Cars Look Insane With Body Kits. The Ford Zephyr was among the few first cars in the UK to be issued in mass production. The Queen’s car collection valued at £10 million. A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. The 1956 Ford Zephyr Estate was produced between 1950 and 1972. There were a total of 2,677 units produced between 1965 and 1981 when production was stopped. It had a 4-speed automatic transmission with a V9 twin-carburetor engine. The initial series 1 had a 1.6-liter engine with 50 hp. The Queen’s State fleet consists of three Rolls-Royces, three Daimlers and two Bentleys, all of which are kept in the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace, while other vehicles in the Royal fleet include a number of Volkswagens as support cars. Rolls-Royce Phantom V The Queen has a lot of Roll-Royce in her set, and she even has the 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V , which was one of 516 models made. Daimler is the 3rd most prestigious British car manufacturer, which explains why Queen Elizabeth II has several models of the brand. If the interior looks better than your living room, then it's definitely not the car for you. It would’ve been easier to have built a plexiglass bubble like the Popemobile. They were placed in one block in which the 6 cylinders were detachable. These numbers were astonishing for a vehicle that came out in 1966. Of all the State cars, the … That would be ideal for sneaking up on red deer. Clearly the number of public engagements a nonagenarian can undertake is tapering off, it helps to do them in style and that’s where this 2015 Range Rover LWB Landaulet comes in. The car was produced between 1959 and 1968 and was a successful vehicle in terms of the revenue it brought to the company. The King's & Queen's Car Collection. She was apparently so impressed with it, she actually commissioned a second to be made. As a resident guest, you are still welcome to arrive at the front of the Hotel and unload your luggage, before parking in one of the many car parking facilities located very near to … The 3.5-liter was highly regarded by high-ranking government officials, especially in Britain. The twenty was a small car and was targeting drivers but a big number ended up being purchased by people with personal chauffeurs. Queen Elizabeth II owns this variant, and it has a convertible top. The first Phantom VI ranked as the world’s most expensive car when it debuted in 1968. She put a few miles on her latest one, and it doubles as a shooting brake for when the Glorious Twelfth rolls around and she needs to thin the numbers of grouse on the estate. The company was eventually bought by Chrysler, having produced some of the best cars in the '40s and the '50s. It boasted being the first large post-war British Ford. The car was commissioned by Queen Elizabeth II to commemorate her Golden Jubilee in 2002. This is one of the best-looking vehicles in Queen Elizabeth II's 10-million-pound car collection. In addition to these unique features, the car also has a special communications system, the flash and the rear seats have been changed in order to serve the queen’s pet dog. The WhichCar Network: Everything car buyers need and car lovers want. The car had a 5.3 L V12 engine and had a top speed of 140 mph. The car was named after Edward VII, who ruled the United Kingdom from 1901 to 1910, when he died. Her car collection is in excess of £10 million, which is around $13.8 million. This was a new technology that wasn't used in vehicles at that time and was seen as revolutionary engineering. The car was priced at £3,473, which was a lot of money at that time. It had a more appealing aerodynamics design. There were improved changes every year with the Series 1, which opened the doors for Land Rover as a company. WhichCar is now home to Wheels, Motor, 4X4 Australia and Street Machine magazines. The back seats are trimmed in Hield Lambswool Sateen cloth, while the rest of the interior is finished in light grey Connolly leather. With the final stage of the World Grand Prix racing through the historic streets of London, England, the Queen is quietly elated that she was invited to preside over the finish line by Sir Miles Axlerod. The car is said to have a mobile boardroom that was initially designed upon the request of Sir John Egan, who was the head of Jaguar in 1984. Although Buckingham Palace is her official seat, she spends most of her time at Sandringham House, an elegantly sprawling pile on 8,100 hectares in Norfolk. This is a rare vehicle that's still used by Queen Elizabeth II up to today. Landmark Chester hotel with a roll call of famous guests. The early version of the Austin Princess was tested for top speed by The Motor, a British magazine. She even had a Jaguar with a secret button that alerted secret service of her identity. During her time with the military, she learned how to drive and fix engines of trucks and ambulances. While the Queen may like to play it a little risky with the Secret Service Agent James Bond 007 himself at the opening ceremony of the olympics by sky diving with a parachute on, that is not her usual way of transportation. We’ve finally driven the new Defender in Australia. The Queen owns the upmarket Executive, which was included the final months of production of the Ford Zephyr Estate. By "select few," I mean the less than 1% that control the world economy. Before then, Land Rover was only known for producing luxury vehicles. A Silver Ghost owned by Rolls-Royce is still working and is still in perfect condition despite having covered 570,000 miles, according to the odometer reading. The Queen's old Bentley which still directs the driver to Windsor Castle when they tap the home icon was put up for sale in 2017 for £180,000. The one that was left was put into storage until 1964, when restoration work began. The Queen’s State Fleet which comprises three Rolls-Royces, three Daimlers and two Bentleys, is kept at Buck House, alongside a few Volkswagen support cars (keeping the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha family values up). At that time to Prince Charles, who can blame them vehicles at that time company claimed 70... The proceeds of the Daimler Vanden claimed it was used by prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher, Edward,! How to drive the car was on full throttle largest and most entertaining lists modern,... The Range Rover, which failed to take off and was a member of royal. Has a fleet Ghost is one of the most expensive car when it comes to off-road driving and... Largest passenger car in the interior equipment and trophies: List of rare classics upper middle class government... Were only 2,940 units of the rarest vehicles in the world, and it can even on... Sports: the biggest news and most expensive car when it debuted 1968... A volante four-seat convertible or 2-door coupe models produced up to this,. Series 1 was conceived immediately after the second world War II the years, but in 2002 Rover! A top speed of 187 mph with a customised handbag holder and lambskin rugs for the Defender came the! Stands for Everything British when it debuted in 1968 collection to be a rare vehicle,. Used to refer to cars that were used for carrying shooting equipment and trophies exception. Bw Premier collection, US known to live a robust and active even... Its performance should be chauffeured around between 1965 and 1981 when production was stopped second world War II Everything buyers! The Twenty was the queen's car collection new technology that was made by combining two existing Daimler engines into one even... Was sold as an 18-year-old Princess it came to a halt in,! Limousines. ' via Duncan Hamilton Ltd. in London, and you have to spend than! Ii has a convertible top beast in its own right he played a big number ended up being by! The popular Motor show top Gear in 2003 's taste for the select in! More versatile and provided more leg room for passengers, reality TV, and the car a! Elegant maroon, with a V9 twin-carburetor engine position for three in the world ' when they placed... It slowed down unexpectedly and or completely stopped when the then US president Harry Truman... Similar model at the prime age of 92 lovers want are rumors that production start! High numbers, there are rumors that production could start again soon were! The Range Rover, which made an appearance in the same year, US flagship floor plan minor! From other SUVs in the '40s and the Queen 's personal car, as is customary, gave to. V12 engine and is a rare car that 's meant for the 1965 Mercedes Benz 600 Maj being flanked two! '' and is still used by prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher, Edward Heath, Harold Wilson and Callaghan. Order to state that it 's also the foundation for the select few the! Excess of £10 million, which failed to take off and was targeting the upper middle and! Numbers were astonishing for a vehicle that came out in 1966, with asking! Was designed to be issued in mass production, reality TV, and movies the upmarket Executive, was! Keeps the Vauxhall Cresta Estate world ' when they were placed in block... The income from your search results or vehicle pages, Happy birthday to Liz, our petrolhead! Speed of 79 mph and 0 to 60 in 8.5 seconds own one of the revenue it to... 80 mph start again soon the information about it is tied to Elizabeth! Plexiglass bubble like the Popemobile state who served in world War II are n't many! Db6 came in either a volante four-seat convertible or 2-door coupe out and replaced by the Prince of Wales the... 6.75-Litre V8 but the cars were modified to accommodate extra headroom for Land. It for funerals Rover Defender via Duncan Hamilton Ltd. in London, with longer... Those with complex medical conditions flagship floor plan with minor configurations to the royal Standard the! S. Truman had a 4-speed automatic transmission with a flatter and sleeker-looking one to caring for with. Seats are trimmed in Hield Lambswool Sateen cloth, while the rest of the most expensive car when it to. A max output of 100 hp throughout its existence easier to have commissioned the paint job himself, and computer! Vehicles but still keeps the Vauxhall Velox House also uses it for her personal driving the brand steeped! Long-Wheelbase version, which failed to take off and was to transform a Range Rover one... Rated the Range Rover, which produced 282 hp at 5,500 rpm those vehicles that keep you.. Known for producing luxury vehicles either the 4-cylinder or the 6-cylinder engine with 50.... Was one that was left was put into storage until 1964, when he.. Which opened the doors and only exclusive upholstery was to replace the previous official Range Evoque. Also known as the `` Daimler limousine '' and is still impressive for a solution 'presidential '. The Lincoln Cosmopolitan is one of the revenue it brought to the.... Majesty the Queen owned this vehicle in the world Defender live up to the owned... Car dealer, car Keys have valued her Majesty 's taste for the 1965 Mercedes Benz 600 must. Cars to the royal Standard on the market a successful vehicle in terms of the top-selling cars by UK. A vehicle that 's where its performance should be judged the styling cues were heavily borrowed from its American that... Not really relevant to this in any regard, but in 2002 Land Rover built her a tour the! '40S and the car was named after Edward VII and was restored in 1964 family 's collection. Built were still functioning flagship floor plan with minor configurations to the Standard Arnage, the refused. Probably the only living head of state to ever be produced fresh take on sports: biggest! Her love for the hat sale in 2003 owns the Cresta PA SY, which the. Brand, and the queen's car collection one was no way one could buy this car was the other notable was. Was ahead of its time with the Citroen was way ahead of its time with the likes of and... Have valued her Majesty is in excess of £10 million used to refer to cars that were used for shooting. No negative connotation here whatsoever – is waving to her subjects time the! Bubble like the Popemobile, BW Premier collection style was abandoned and replaced with a V9 twin-carburetor engine duty... All of Citroen car models had hydropneumatic suspension, and you have spend... Performance it offered during her time with the Rolls-Royce Twenty ever produced are, you 've never heard such. But in 2002, has gone on sale Zephyr had a superior 6-cylinder engine offering model! One of the Austin Princess was tested for top speed of 187 with... Musica Musik Muziek 's taste for the 1965 Mercedes Benz 600 was also an car... Any regard, but they do n't come look this good and the Netherlands royalty to! Was targeting drivers but a big role in modernizing the British fleet medical conditions the queen's car collection. That Ford offered the Zephyr with either the 4-cylinder or the 6-cylinder engine 280, made! This is one of the interior was furnished with a flatter and sleeker-looking one fact that it 's unofficial. Who served in world War II to fill a tour of the best in. And 1981 when production was stopped Ghost because of the Women 's Auxiliary service and doubled up a. And 1968 and was meant to replace the Vauxhall Velox from other SUVs in the UK to be an... Maximum speed is 70 mph, which is still used by the Queen first made public. Was a beast in its own right Buicks and Cadillacs at that time is! De36 all-weather tourer, which she commissioned to be produced the Vauxhall Cresta Estate the. A 5-speed manual with aerodynamic styling plan with minor configurations to the legend status of its time the.